Wina Iskandar

The Journal

A couple of recent sketches for my current project on memory, roots, and nostalgia.

I’ve been into painting portraits lately. Currently, selfie is my inspiration. Some selfies can be quite a put off, but they really tell how the individuals want to be seen by others. It is fun to observe the quirks of every person I’m painting, too. Selfie also represents the impermanence of identity, how identity can be created and discarded for the occasion. There is no singular, absolute identity. Through painting, I hope to bring some significance to these photos that are constantly being taken and replaced, though ironically I’ve disfigured or distorted these images to give a new meaning and a sense of impermanence. Gerhard Richter is an inspiration in my painting process. Here are some oil paintings in various sizes.

Figure drawing again this semester. For some reason I’m not enjoying it as much as I thought I would. Trying my best to be experimental, but I still like to have a recognizable figure.

Another major assessment over, another semester gone. I’m glad I managed a couple of studies despite changing my idea completely and restarting a few weeks before. My proposal is on self-portrait, through the act of looking at self in the mirror. You can see a progression of style in my studies from a representational manner, color studies, close-ups, to almost abstraction. I will probably explore more in the future following the style and concept of final painting.

Childhood and Identity

32 x 57.5cm, Pastel on Paper

My first attempts at pastel painting, I kinda like it. Identity is a theme that I’m keen on exploring for my paintings. These imageries are my memories of childhood spent at my grandma’s village. I am especially drawn to the collection of bowls my grandma has, there’s a scent of tradition and family. More pastel paintings to come:)

Cabinet of Curiosity

I got an old briefcase from my dad and turned it into a pop-up book. Thanks to everyone who donated to me unused children books and allowing me to mutilate them. This is childhood dreams and memories stored in a briefcase. The viewer is welcomed to spin his own stories from the myriad of illustrated pop-ups.

Made With Paper
IT’S OVER. Sometimes I feel stupid rushing so many works to be displayed in assessment and when it’s over I have no idea what to do with all those stuff. They sort of become a waste of space, most of the studies anyway. Will be uploading each project over the next few days, hopefully.
A selection of prints from the 30 over prints I did in elective printmaking module. I don’t think I did well although I was excited about this module. It would have been fun if not for the very rushed assignments and confusing instructions. I do like the my woodblock print though, the puffer fish one, it was the hardest to do. I wish elective wouldn’t be so stressful next time :(

Still Life project. I’m studying on creases and folds, the subject is just crumpled papers. Final drawings are in A2 sizes and a couple of small studies.

Body parts project. I’m trying to capture the actions that our body does everyday, as can be seen in my studies. For the final 2 drawings though, I decided to focus on eating. Got Kun to model for me again. This is probably the most detailed pen drawing I’ve done, what a sweet torture.

Final drawings for the architectonic project. Super trees day and night view, A3 sizes.

Today’s worth of studies. Really hate drawing architectural stuff. How else can I make it more interesting?

The Pathlight Experience

School started this semester with an unexpected project. The painters were told about a collaboration with the Pathlight School for autistic students. There would be 10 teams doing 10 pieces of 1x2m canvas each to form a huge mural at the end. So I formed a team with Astrin and our Pathlight partner is a girl called Selena. I had mixed feelings about it, excited because it’s something new for us, yet apprehensive because I’m no good in collaborative work unless we’ve got the same taste in art. I had no experience working with autistic children, too. Thank God for Selena though. She’s a very silent girl who speaks at a barely audible volume, but really obedient and listens to every instruction I give. We chose flora and fauna as a theme and I told her to draw a design with some flowers and birds in her own style. Love her design so much! so cute and disney-like, not exactly me, but I can work with it. Astrin and I then worked on the painting part, it was pretty much trial and error, revealing and concealing things. Very satisfied with the whole process and outcome. I’m glad to say it’s a true collaboration and I’ve learnt more about autism as well. These kids are amazingly talented in art, would love to have students like that next time!